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Service Updates
Read this thread BEFORE applying.
Application Guidelines

If you are interested in applying to join Crusaders of Divinity, we would ask you to follow the three-step process described in this thread. The three-steps in this process are:

1. Read our requirements, rules and guidelines.
2. Complete an application form.
3. Wait for a response.

Read our requirements, rules and guidelines.

Crusaders of Divinity is a semi-casual guild an emphasis on teamwork and thus our requirements reflect this goal.

* You are 18 years of age or older.
* You are able to read, write and speak well in English.

Crusaders of Divinity - Guild Rules and Guidelines:
Like any organisation, CoD has a number of rules and guidelines that all members are expected to adhere to. It is hoped that all members will find their day-to-day experience of membership to be fairly easy-going and fun and all of the rules and guidelines described below are mostly obvious and good common-sense. Nevertheless, these rules do exist and behaving in a disruptive manner or significantly disregarding these rules and guidelines could ultimately be considered grounds for dismissal from the guild.

Understanding the ranks
Guild Master+Founder+Officer+Officer alt, they Delegate work, responsibilities, duties to officers and other guild members.
Provide corrective action and counseling to any guild member stepping over the lines of general guild rules and etiquette.
Raider , they are the main raiders of guild.
Trial raider, they are Crusaders on trial time to be Raider.
Crusader, all members whit level 80
Member, all player on guild less than lvl 80 and did an apply.
Newcomer, lower rank level on guild, they are all players after been invited and didnt apply. they can be from level 1 till level 80. after do an apply will be ranked like member or Crusader, only Newcomers can not do guild invites

Guild Chat
We expect our guild chat to be respectful in language and tone. Profanity is unacceptable in guild chat. Likewise, rude or abusive comments have no place here. If you have a beef about another player, try to resolve it through private tells, not in an open forum. Failing that, bring it to the attention of a guild officer, but again do so through private tells. We do not want guild chat to become a place for drama. The same standards apply to officer chat.

For guild members acting as a party, the party chat should reflect the values of the members of the party. Party members are expected to set a standard that is acceptable to all party members.

Misconduct is anything done by a character in violation of the rules of the guild or that goes against the spirit of the guild. Thus, misconduct is not limited to those items expressed here, but includes things such as power-leveling (violates WoW's Terms of Use) and ninja-looting (goes against fair play). If you are uncertain whether a behavior is acceptable or not, contact a guild officer for guidance.

Consequences of misconduct can include a warning, a stern lecture, demotion to The Fiery Pit, or removal from the guild.

Exhibit good conduct at all times.
It should be reasonably obvious that a good guild spirit is dependent upon its members both playing well together and having fun together. Therefore, always treat your fellow members with consideration and respect and attempt to resolve any disagreements that may arise privately, amicably and swiftly. Never ever be openly critical of or hostile towards a fellow guild member. If you cannot privately and amicably resolve a disagreement with a fellow member then you may discretely approach one of the guild's officers to seek help finding a satisfactory solution but you should consider this only as a last resort.

Never do anything to bring the guild into disrepute.
In addition to treating your fellow members with consideration and respect, you should extend the same courtesy to all of the non-members that you meet in day-to-day life. Remember that wherever you go, you wear the guild's name above your head at all times and any action you take reflects upon everyone else within the guild and thus builds or diminishes our reputation accordingly.

In addition, no members are permitted to engage in any activities that may be regarded as dishonourable and that may bring the guild into disrepute by association with you.

Such activities include, but are not limited to:

- "Ninja-looting" items or loot-drops under any circumstances.
- "Trade scams" such as the theft of enchanting or crafting materials.
- "Dodgy dealing" such as the "99g Buyout" AH scam and all others like it.
- "Account sharing" with anyone who is not already a member of the guild.
- "Inflammatory posting" of comments on any forum, especially not on the official forums.

Never charge a member for your crafting profession services.
Part of the value of having you as a member of the guild is that not only are you an awesome addition to any given raid, helping us to overcome difficult obstacles, but you are also a skilled crafts-person who can help our other members gain access to some of the rarest crafted products available for minimal cost.

Therefore, if a guild member asks for help in crafting or modifying an item, you should offer the service willingly and freely. Naturally, you should expect the member making the request to either provide the necessary materials or to pay for the cost of the materials but you should not level a charge of any kind for "clicking the button." Remember that everything you do that helps to make the guild a little bit stronger also helps to improve your chances of getting some more exotic prizes the next time we attempt a difficult encounter.

Final Word
There are three truths: 1) a good guild can enhance the WoW experience; 2) a poor guild can trash the WoW experience; 3) you are free to leave at any time. Our goal is to be a good guild. If we do not live up to your expectations, please let us know what we could do better. Thank you!
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